Noir (2001) Series

Reviewed by:
 Jason Stillion
Review Date: October 1st, 2012
Updated on:  Dec 10th, 2016

Animation Studio: Bee Train
Director: Koichi Mashimo
Japanese Release: 2001
Length: 26 Episodes

Official Website:  Funimation
Version Reviewed: A.D. Vision (2008)
Language Reviewed: Japanese Dialogue w/ English Subtitle

Funimation Official Trailer

Director Kocihi’s “Girls with gun trilogy”: Noir is the first series that is known as Kocihi’s “Girls with guns” trilogy. The other two series are Madlax, and El Cazador de la Bruja. The trilogy is only related in theme only. Each series has it’s own plot and different characters.

Plot: Kirika sends an email to Mireille, an assassin. Mireille then seeks out Kirika and as soon as she tracks her down, they are both attacked by a mysterious group. After the encounter, Mirelle allows Kirika to work with her as an assassin until Kirika can regain her memory. As they perform their contracts, the mysterious group continues to attack the pair.

Review: Noir has great character development, spectacular combat scenes, and great plot twists. Despite the amount of violence at times, there’s not much blood or gore actually shown. The plot starts out with a semi-predictable pattern with each episode is focused on a single contract killing while slow revealing small amounts of information about their past and the mysterious group targeting them. Once  Kirika’s memory restored, the meaning behind the musical watch for Mireille, and the revelation of the organization and their motives, the plot becomes nicely unpredictable. The only compliant I have is with the (ADV’s) English Dub. Kirika voice is so soft and low volume it’s very hard to understand what she’s saying without  cranking up the volume and making everything else too loud. You will want to watch the final episode’s credit’s all the way through to the end.

My Grade: 4 out of 5 / “Loved it”

Live Action Series: Stars (Showtime) was planning on adapting this to a live action series, however, the project appears to be in limbo.

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Noir was originally licensed and released by ADV, however since going bankrupt, Funimation currently has the license and re-released it. You may be able to find the ADV version set’s a little bit cheaper, they released two of them in addition to the original 7 individual dvd’s.

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ADV (2008) Dvd Set –

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