Who Am I?

My name is Jason Stillion, and I live in the United States.

I enjoy anime, have a small library, and have watched more hours than I can count. The purpose of this blog is to give my personal thoughts & feelings on specific Japanese anime movies and series.

Generally, I don’t believe any specific person will be able to tell anyone if they you will like a film or series with complete accuracy. I do believe that if you follow a reviewer long enough, you pick up your their specific tastes and can compare it to your own. This will allow you to gauge how well you may or may not like a series or movie based on their review.

My Grading System

5 out of 5 = “Top Favorite”
4 out of 5 = “Loved it”
3 out of 5 = “Entertained”
2 out of 5 = “May want to avoid”
1 out of 5 = “Waste of time”


I will attempt to avoid as much spoilers as possible. Most anime series don’t set up the premise until after a few episodes.


Influences on reviews

Certain elements can influence people and make them pre-disposed to liking or disliking a series. This can be specific art style’s, specific music bands, etc. These can be hard to recognize at times. If I feel there is a factor influencing a review, I will point it out.

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