SCHOOL-LIVE! [or] Gakkougurashi! (Series)


Reviewed by: Jason Stillion
Review Date: September 26th, 2015

Animation Studio: Lerche
Director: Masaomi Ando
Japanese Release: July – Sept 2015
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Version Reviewed: Crunchyroll
Language Reviewed: Japanese with English Subtitles
Length: 12 Episodes

Plot: Yuki Takeya, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki with their school adviser Megumi Sakura, are member of a special school club that live at the High School.

Review: For a series about four girls who live in there High School, there is no fanservice, or love triangles. The characters has real depth and character growth and reflect the events that happen during the series. In addition, I especially loved the dynamics between the character’s personality and the roles they play in the club. They mixed “high school” genre with another genre rather well.

Note: Pay very close attention to the opening sequence. It has subtle changes that reflect the current events as the series progresses.

My Grade: 5 out 5 “Top Favorite”

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