Sailor Moon (1992 Series), Part 4 “Super S”

This review is going to be unique in several regards. For starters, this is the anime that got me in to Japanese anime which may make my review of Sailor Moon biased.

In addition to the age and length of the series, (it went to about 200 episodes), this will probably be one of my longest reviews. For these reasons, I will break down the reviews by season.

So without further ado,

Part 4 – Sailor Moon Super S (Episodes 128-166)

Reviewed by: Jason Stillion
Review Date: July 2nd, 2012
Last Updated: Aug 3rd, 2012

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Japanese Release: 1995
Length: Episodes 128-166

Version Reviewed: Geneon Box Set
Language Reviewed: Japanese Dialogue w/ English Subtitle

Plot: Mainly following Chiba Usagi, enemy attacks, there about to be defeated, Tuxedo Mask comes in and saves the day…

Review: I was very disappointed in this season. The series started out focusing on Chiba Usagi, not Usagi. The plot also seemed to revert to the first season of Sailor Moon. They fight, about to lose, Tuxedo masks comes in and saves the day… until he’s kidnapped. This was the point I stopped watching the series. It seems all the character development and maturing was thrown out the window. Usagi especially seems out of character, with the lose of her self confidence and independence she built up from the previous seasons. Coming from the more mature plot of Sailor Moon S, shifting to Super S’s lighter plot seemed really jarring.

I may consider re-watching this season sometime in the future. I’ve done some research and appears this season deviated from the manga plot, and made major changes.  Some of these changes include removing the latter scouts and making the plot not as dark as it was in the manga.

Review Score: 2 out of 5 / “May want to avoid”

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Note: As with Sailor Moon season one uncut, Season two has been out of print for a while and prices may be very high. Be careful of what you order online, there are a lot of counterfeit versions out their for sale.

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