Sailor Moon (1992 Series), Part 3 “Sailor Moon S”

This review is going to be unique in several regards. For starters, this is the anime that got me in to Japanese anime which may make my review of Sailor Moon biased.

In addition to the age and length of the series, (it went to about 200 episodes), this will probably be one of my longest reviews. For these reasons, I will break down the reviews by season.

So without further ado,

Part 3 – Sailor Moon S (Episodes 90-127)

Reviewed by: Jason Stillion
Review Date: July 2nd, 2012
Last Updated: July 30th, 2012

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Japanese Release: 1994
Length: Episodes 90-127

Version Reviewed: Geneon Individual Volumes
Language Reviewed: Japanese Dialogue w/ English Subtitle

Plot: Dark forces are at work, a mad scientist is sending minions out to search for a pure heart crystals (essentially a person’s soul). New mysterious Sailor Scouts show up with there own agenda.

Review: For me, this is the best season of Sailor Moon. For starters, it has one of the darkest / mature plots in the entire tv series. The story is told from different perspectives, not just Usagi’s, a shift that started in Sailor Moon R. The new Sailor Scouts and the minions are significantly more powerful then Usagi’s group. The new scouts focus on getting results and keeping there agenda secret from Usagi puts the two groups at odds. There plenty of good plot twits as well. The core of Sailor Moon is still present, it’s focused on the character development, there interactions, with the “fight” with the villains not the focus only coming at the end of the episode.

Review Score: 5 out of 5 / “Top Favorite”

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Note: As with Sailor Moon season one uncut, Season two has been out of print for a while and prices may be very high. Be careful of what you order online, there are a lot of counterfeit versions out their for sale.

The links below are to the box set, as you see the picture from my collection, I have the individual dvd’s. You still may be able to acquire the series via individual dvd’s.

Amazon – Japanese Language with English Subtitles – Japanese Language with English Subtitles – Careful with ebay, there’s a lot of knocks off’s out there.

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