Sailor Moon (1992 Series), Part 2 “Sailor Moon R”

This review is going to be unique in several regards. For starters, this is the anime that got me in to Japanese anime which may make my review of Sailor Moon biased.

In addition to the age and length of the series, (it went to about 200 episodes), this will probably be one of my longest reviews. For these reasons, I will break down the reviews by season.

So without further ado,

Part 2 – Sailor Moon R
(Episodes 47-89)

Reviewed by: Jason Stillion
Review Date: June 26th, 2012
Last Updated: July 25th, 2012

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Japanese Release: 1993
Length: Episodes 47-89

Version Reviewed: ADV Box Set
Language Reviewed: Japanese Dialogue w/ English Subtitle

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Plot: Sailor Moon R actually covers two different story arc’s.

After the events of the first season. Usagi and the other scouts had there memories and powers sealed away so they can live as normal girls again. After a series of strange attacks on human’s sucking out life engery, Luna is forced to reawaken Usagi and the other scouts to confront this new threat.

A strange girl, literly appears out of nowhere, and crashes in to Usagi and Marmou while on a date. She imedeiatly demands Usagi hand over the Silver Crystal and immediately shows a great amount of interest in Marmoru. Shortly after, a strange entity shows Marmoru visions of the future, where Usagi dies and convience him the only way to change it is to break off his relationship so she can grow stronger on her own and not rely on him. A new mysterious group starts attacking humans, looking at people’s soul crystals (ripping them out in the process), seeking to find a specific one.

Review: Again, as with the first season, the show is far deeper then Evil sends Minion X, Sailor Scouts beat Minion X. It’s all about the characters, there interaction, and there slow but steady growth. The first arc is very similar to the plot of the first season, but is very short, and the true nature of the new threat and the reasons behind the attacks are different.

The second arc, has a significant amount of character development, as the character’s are older then they were in original Sailor Moon, and new elements such as dating, etc.  The plot has plenty of good unexpected plot twists (also evolve’s time travel and a paradox). Usagi is still the focus of the series, with a minor shift to Chibi Usagi. There’s also a plot element similiar to the viewer knowing she’s the moon princess despite how long it takes to “find” her.

Review Score: 4 out of 5 / “Loved it”

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