Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Series)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica CollectionReviewed by: Jason Stillion
Review Date: 
Augusut 6th, 2012
Last Updated: August 22nd, 2015

Animation Studio: SHAFT INC
Akiyuki Shinbo
Japanese Release: 2011
Length: 12 episodes

Official Website: http://madokamagicausa.com/
Official Trailer: English Language & Japanese Language w/ English Subtitles

Version Reviewed: Blue-ray 
Language Reviewed: Japanese Language w/ English Subtitles
12 Episodes

Plot: Madoka is a normal school girl. A strange creature named Kyubey approaches her and makes her an offer, in exchange for any one wish, he will turn her in to a magical girl and must fight witches. She meets two other magical girls, in which one of them is trying to stop her from making the contract with Kyubey.

Review: Madoka is not your typical magical girl anime. Madoka has a very deep and mature plot (there is no sexual content or “fan service”) where magical girls put their life on the line with there fight against the witches. The art style of the series is distinctive, with it becoming very abstract during the fight with the witches. The music is done by Yuki Kajiura, one of my favorite artists, and her distinct music style fits this series perfectly. The story is paced very well with real character development. I was impressed with the revelation’s surrounding Kyubey, and the reason for Homura interfering with Modoka from making the contract.

My Grade: 5 out of 5 / “Top Favorite”

Puella News – It’s been recently announced that there will be three movies. The first two movies will be a retelling of the series, with the third one having new content.

Watch online @

Crunchyroll – Japanese Language w/ English Subtitles
Hulu – Japanese w/ English Sub & English Dub
Netflix – Japanese w/ English Sub

Can be purchased @

Volume 1 (Limited Edition Combo) – Amazon
Volume 1 (Blu-ray) – AmazonRightstuf.com
Volume 1 (Dvd) – Amazon Rightstuf.com

Volume 2 (Limited Edition Combo) – Amazon
Volume 2 (Blu-ray) – AmazonRightstuf.com
Volume 2 (Dvd) – AmazonRightstuf.com

Volume 3 (Limited Edition Combo) –
Volume 3 (Blu-ray) – Rightstuf.com
Volume 3 (Dvd) – AmazonRightstuf.com

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