Princess Resurrection (2007) Series

Princess ResurrectionSentai Filmworks Summary: No good deed goes unpunished, so when Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a bit dead himself! Now normally a corpse is a corpse, of course, of course; but when the girl you’ve saved is the daughter of the King of the Monsters, there’s no such thing as resting in peace! Pulled back from the grave to join Hime’s monstrous retinue of servants and sycophants, Hiro must now follow in the wake of carnage and destruction that trails his chainsaw wielding mistress as she battles the various rogue werewolves, vampires, zombies that make her life (and his post-death) a living hell! She’s the ghoul your mother warned you about and she wants your body in PRINCESS RESURRECTION! Click here for my review

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  1. She’s very cold, and if you try to kill her she pretty ruthless, however latter in the series once they start to explore here background and she has a cold kindness inside her. In addition she doesn’t care what other people think about her either.

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