News – Bandai Entertainment Shutting Down

home-logos-bandaiBandai Entertainment Closing Down

Back in January (2012), Bandai Entertainment made the announcement that they will not longer be acquiring new Anime / Manga license’s and will keep what they have in production until the license on it expires as they wind down there business in the United States. There’s been an update, Bandai has officially announced they will be closing down completely by March 1st, 2013 and some of there exiting product or item’s on back order with vendor’s may be in “short supply”.

If you’ve been holding out on Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex, that Gundam Series, etc. you may want to buy it now before it becomes hard to find and / or expensive. That is not to say that some anime license could be picked up by other companies  however you never know what will get picked backed up again, or become rare, out of print, and no longer licensed.